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Artist Statement


Artist Sung Ah Cho was born in Seoul, Korea in 1967 and she now lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

 She brings the accumulation of trivial but certain happiness that comes from daily life as a foundational inspiration for her creative process. As a foreigner living in and surrounded by full of unfamiliarity, she began to consciously search for trivial comforts within her daily life; whether it is a time that she spends in home, an object that brings her stability, or an excerpt from readings that she makes connection of, she preciously gathers and reinterprets them through highly compacted imagery, resulting a series of vibrant illustrative paintings.


2017 - 2019 / 2023 Eastside Culture Crawl  - Vancouver, BC


2019 / 2023 Parker Art Salon  - Vancouver, BC


2016 Covan 02 Art Gallery 1st Solo Exhibition  - Vancouver, BC


2016 Art Vancouver / International Art Fair - Vancouver, BC


2015 Art Vancouver / International Art Fair - Vancouver, BC


2012 Generation One Juried Art Exhibition - Vancouver , BC


2010 - 2018 Korean Art Association Annual Group Exhibition - Vancouver, BC


2005 3rd Jeamin Art Porcelain Painting Group Exhibition - Seoul, Korea


1995 Visual Massage Group Exhibition - Seoul, Korea

Other Experience


2019 Power of Music (working movie title) Character Design - Seoul, Korea

2018 Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Craft Show - Vancouver, BC

2017 Portobello West Craft Market - Vancouver, BC


2015 - 2016 Art & Craft Show Christmas Edition - Vancouver, BC


1993 - 1998 Children’s Book Illustration - Seoul, Korea

1993 - 1998 Book Cover Design - Seoul, Korea

1993- 1998 Woman’s Magazine Illustration - Seoul, Korea


1991 - 1993 Monami Co., Ltd Stationary Product Design - Seoul, Korea


1991 Ewha Woman’s University, B.F.A Visual Design - Seoul, Korea


2010 Porcelain Manufactory Meissen Painting School - Meissen, Germany

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